for senater

work you will have to do as senater/benfits and privileges.

The qualifications you need to apply to be a senater are you need to have been a citizen of the united states for 9years.

Be at atlest 30 years old

, must be a resident of the state your representing.

You won't have to run for senater again for 6 years.

Membership is based on equel representaion.

You are elected by the voters of the entire state (since the 17th amendment).

You can be re elected as many times as the voters will oblig to make it as senater.

This job is not fast pasted the senate is a group that study's and weigh considerations more calmly and slowly- less impulsively.

As senater a draw back is that senate campaigns are much larger and expensive that the house campaigns.

  the salary you will be making will be around $174,000 thats just the adverage salary.

benfits and privileges are free postage stamps,free parking ,privite gym.

created by Anthony Rivera

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