How to Plan for Wedding Entertainment on a Budget

While a wedding is a source of entertainment for others, it can turn into a formidable project for the two families of the bride and bridegroom, especially when it comes to ensuring that guests are adequately provided for.

What people appreciate in a wedding is great food along with an amazing provision for entertainment. While food does take a lot of space in the budget, entertainment can be easily covered in minimum cost if worked out intelligently. It is one of those sections of a matrimony which can’t be done away with as guests need constant entertainment apart from the wedding gossip.

1. Enlist the Family

If there is an amazing singer or dancer in the family, why not enlist their services on the occasion of your holy matrimony? If you are close to your cousins and can ask them to perform on your wedding then it could help you manage your cost while giving them the opportunity to perform in front of a huge audience and become a star of the night. Remember the awesome dance performance of the bride’s cousin in the movie Monsoon Wedding?

2. Book a New Band

If you are bent on live entertainment then this could be an intelligent solution for your problems. A new band doesn’t automatically equate to taking a huge risk; you could ask for a performance before you book them for your matrimony. A band that has just entered the market and is yet to make a mark in the matrimony industry could be the right option for you. While they get an opportunity to perform and improve their skills, you get a performance for your guests at lower costs as well as a fresh performance. A win-win for both!

3. Book in Advance

It would do you good to make all bookings well in advance so that you don’t have to shell out a fortune just to book a good performer at the last moment. You could book a DJ at low costs in off season when weddings are avoided due to some religious or cultural reason. If you are lucky and have a friend who can DJ for you, you will be able to save a lot on entertainment while have a responsible person rocking your special day.

4. Explore Alternative Music Options

Let all the guests get a flavour of Indian classical music by engaging someone who would be ready to perform in front of select guests for a fee. Local performers still trying to launch themselves can provide great entertainment at a manageable cost.

Entertainment is what sustains a wedding night. You don’t want to see bored guests looking for something to do other than discuss politics. You would like your wedding to be a success with all the guests busy with food or enjoying performances and talking high of you. To accomplish this task, keep your budget ready and start looking for the right people well in advance so that they can make your matrimonial affair the talk of the town.

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