Dominican Republic

By: Julia Herzberg

Where in the world???

The Dominican Republic is located in Central America.

The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo.


The Dominican Republic's form of money is the Dominican Peso.

1 Dominican Peso = .023 U.S. dollars

For example 10,000,000 U.S. dollars would only be 230,000 Dominican Pesos.

Major imports

- Oil & Oil products (such as animal oils and fats)

- Vehicles

- Boilers and Machinery

- House Appliances

- Iron and Steel

- Plastic Materials

- Pharmaceutical Products

- Wheat

- Milk/Dairy Products

- Cereal, Seeds, & Fish

Major Exports

- Medical, Surgical, and Vet Instruments

- Bananas and Plantains

- Cigars

- Jewelry, Precious Metal

- Fabrics (athletic clothing, women's t-shirts, men's t-shirts, men's overcoats, etc)

- Cocoa Beans and Cane Sugar

- Telephones

- Sauces, Seasonings, Soups, & Broths

- Vegetables and Fruits (cucumbers, tomatoes, citrus fruits, etc)

santo domingo

Santo Domingo is the oldest permanent settlement in the Western Hemisphere.

Coffee is the national non-alcoholic drink of the Dominican Republic. The most popular coffee is the Café Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo is not only the capital of the Dominican Republic, but it is also the most populated city with 2.25 million people.

Monte Cristi

Monte Cristi was founded in 1506 and then later destroyed for trading illegally with pirates.

Monte Cristi was the first city in the Dominican Republic to have an aqueduct, railroad, and telephone service.

One of the biggest celebrations in Monte Cristi is Carnival which is celebrated a couple of days before Easter Sunday.

La romana

La Romana is the third largest city in the Dominican Republic.

La Romana is one of the most visited places in the Dominican Republic because it is surrounded by sandy beaches and the ocean.

La Romana is almost completely surrounded by sugar cane fields.

Tourist attractions

Playa del macao

Playa del Macao is the number one tourist attraction in the Dominican Republic. Playa del Macao is known for its surfing. Somethings that you can do at the Playa del Macao is to walk on the beach, get a tan, surf, or take surfing lessons.

Lago Enriquillo

Lago Enriquillo is a huge salt water lake in the Dominican Republic that has one of the largest wild life preserves and bird sanctuary in the Caribbean. All of the wild life and birds in this preserve are in their natural habitats. Some of the animals and birds in Lago Enriquillo include flamingos, iguanas, and crocodiles.

Catedral Primada de america

The Catedral Primada de America is the oldest cathedral in the Americas. The cathedral was built between 1514 and 1544. The cathedral was once known as The Cathedral of Santa Maria. The cathedral at one point was also a resting place for Christopher Columbus.