Yamato Clan and Heian Period


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The Yamato Period

Yamato Clan:

The Yamato clan of Honshu began calling themselves the first Emperors of Japan in the early 500's after conquering much of Honshu, Japan. The Yamato Clan ruled Japan for many years because of their political power and skill in battle. Even after being conquered, the Yamato people remained Emperors but were controlled by the people that conquered them. The Yamato Clan ruled Japan into the 1900's but for most of their rule, the clan leader and Emporer was only there for ceremonial purposes.  

Over time, Japan increased its connections with outside countries such as China and Korea. Japan borrowed and modified many ideas from other cultures and eventually became one of the most advanced civilizations in the world.

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The Asuka Period

Prince Shotoku

The Heian Period

Heian Period:

The push in cultural achievement led by the Japanese nobles now known as the Heian Period. In the Heian Period, people were encourage to seek beauty in everything they did. The Heian period of 9th to 12th centuries was often called "The Golden Age".