Population Growth in China- Claire Ackerman Hour 7

The current population trends in Asia  are increasing drastically. China has a population of about 1,361,512,576 people. It is currently the most populated country in the World.

Problems China is facing is being over populated compared to the rest of the world. The population has decreased world wide since 1970 from about 5 children per women to about 4.5. With lots of the population in the world decreasing, China and India is expected to be the most crowded countries in the world by 2100.

Ways that we can help over population in China is immigrating them to other countries. Countries such as America have low populations and need more to catch up with the rest of the world to have domination. This would also help with the over population problem in China. Another way to help the over population problem in China would be the adopting of their children to other countries such as America. In China one of the main issues is crowding, and that would decrease if children put up for adoption were adopted in a country with a low population. This would be another way to benefit low population countries such as the U.S., and help with the over population problem in China.

U.S. population averages 2 children per women which is under the 2.1 they need to replace aging elders. Immigration is expected to help keep the U.S. with the rest of the world. The population growth in the World could effect the U.S. by making us have less power in the world if we have a much lower population than other countries.Ways to help take care of our underpopulation in the U.S. in supporting the increase of children and allowing more immigrants to come to the U.S. We need to support the increase of children in the U.S. and adopt from over populated countries frequently, to help level out the worlds population so no other country can take over domination.

This picture shows how crowded China is already.

This graph shows the huge and steady population increase in china since 2006-2014.

Another photo to show you how the over population in China is causing crowing problems.

This shows that it is the most population country in the World.

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