What is Fast Food and Junk Food

Junk food and Fast food

First thing about junk food and fast food. Junk food is candy, chips and burgers.
Here is video blew to now more about fast food.

See this video this video is talking about fast food. Now I am going to talk about junk food.  For a example if cakes are in the fridge and after 2 weeks you begin to eat the cake you can get sick, vomit on the floor and get hyper because of the sugar and it can get old because you spouse to eat it right away or give some pics to your friends. Lot's of junk food can get you cavities because you ate so much candy and get your teeth out because I saw a video that was a boy eating healthy food and junk food so he's mother gave him healthy food every single time and give candy's to him after the healthy food after in the morning he and he's mother went to the doctor to get a operation on he's teeth and take away 5 teeth. Here is a picture of sugar, hyper, and doctor.  

Here is a video of junk food.

Fast food are pizza and other stuff that is healthy and not healthy and it is spicy. For example in a video I saw lot's of people eating fast food because if you eat it you going to eat and eat again  and again it won't stop so that's why dad says that 1 pizza for every month and sometimes don't buy out door food every single time.

Here is another video of junk food.

So this video tile's about the little boy want's junk food but he's mother is saying that"junk food is not healthy for you'' so that's why junk food bad.


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