Career Day

Diana, Chirs,

These are the people that we met at Career Day.

Mrs.Edwards- Eye brow Specialist

Mrs.Edwards typical day is doing ads some on Facebook.

The education that you will need is degree of commonality and have a business background. Something that she had learned that you should never give up while in school. Something that I thought about her job was that. She never gave up during school and that she is not scared to go up to people. She make people eyebrows to look pretty and that is great thing.

Miss Angle-Dentist

Miss Angle normal day was cleaning teeth and fill in teeth thats her normal day at work.

The education that you will need that 2 or 4 year collage degree program and 8 year dentist. The personality you will need is love people, work will with people, and know the different tools to know what they are for. Stuff that I like was that most people would not like to go into people mouth. Some would not care the smell of there mouth. That would take so many days of school and years so you have to remember all the tools and things that you need to know.