Narrative poem

Whitney with the beautiful hazel eyes,
Whitney of brown hair and tan skin,
Whitney whose name a lot of people know,
Is a girl that can sing really well,
Walks home from school every day,
Dances ever day because she’s on a dance team,
Runs a lot to relive stress for her mind,
Lives in a crazy house with some amazing people,
Plays with her little niece after all her school work is done.

Whitney a girl that loves to be outside,
Loves to be with her family and friends,
Loves to cheer on the football team,
Because it’s her hobby and it’s fun to do,

Whitney inside her beautiful body she feels a bunch of pain,
Inside she feels like nobody cares,
Inside she feels some happiness because she knows some people cares,
Is it true nobody cares? No its not some people care but she doesn’t believe, A girl that bounces around like a fool to make her niece and cousins happy, Runs around with her older cousin to keep from being bored,
Loves to hang out with friends on the weekend so she’s not bored,
A girl that will volunteer to go anywhere for anyone to get out of the house,
A girl that talks a lot and won’t be quite when she needs to be,

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