Case Study

"Sex is objectified" (Silverblatt, 303).

Silverblatt stated, "Many ads show only certain parts of females' bodies, reinforcing the notion that women are sexual objects" (303). In this ad, we see a woman wears lingerie that shows her boobs. She is laying on her back between the man's legs. It is interesting how the man's body is covered and we cannot see his face. Silverblatt also stated, "We're all implicated in this carnage because the relentless violence against women and girls is linked at its core to the wider society's casual willingness to dehumanize women and girls, to see them first and foremost as sexual vessels-objects-and never, ever as the equals of men" (302). This ad proves Silverblatt's point. This man should be naked as well, since the woman is naked and his face shouldn't be hidden or the ad should be the other way around where the man could play the woman's role in this ad. The product in this ad is sky blue and it doesn't make sense why they used a half naked woman. Maybe the advertiser wanted to tell the audience that the woman should be half naked in order to drink the sky blue. This is dehumanization and this ad portrays the woman as the sexual objects.  

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