Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher Prepare And Educate Students For The World.

Kindergarten Teacher Basics Math And Reading And Skills.

Kindergarten Teacher Works With Kids Ages 5 - 6.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the 2010 median income for elementary school teachers was $51,380 a year, or $24.70 an hour.

Kindergarten teachers must have a bachelor's degree in education a master's degree is may be required.

Communication Skills: Kindergarten teachers must be able to speak clearly to students, other teachers, parents and administration officials.

Instruction Skills: Teachers will have to explain new ideas and unfamiliar concepts with authority and in a clear and concise way so that students can understand. They must work to keep the students' attention.

Writing Skills: Teachers write progress reports, notes home, and in the case of postsecondary teachers, publish research. Writing skills are critical.

Patience: Students will have different backgrounds and abilities. Patience will help teachers deal with students who act out or have trouble following the material.

Creativity: Teachers have to find ways to involve students into their lessons. Additionally, teachers may have to work with different learning styles to get the most out of each student.

People Skills: Engaging parents and creating healthy relationships with students and faculty will help create a quality learning environment.

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