Elvis Presley

Biography project for Mrs.Hemry's 8th grade language arts class
By: NK 3rd hour

Elvis was born on January 8th 1935 in Tupelo Mississippi  and died on August 16th 1977 from drug intoxication and heart attack

Significant events

Elvis had a great amount of significant events in his live here are a few.

1. When he was young Elvis sang in front of his church.

2. He got the chance to sing on the radio when he was not famous.

3. And he got a record  


Elvis's childhood was good he didn't have any traumatic experiences. However his family was poor and he was bullied at school for bringing his guitar to school.   


Elvis only really had one influence and that was when he sang in the choir at his church.  

Unique facts

1. The first record he ever recorded was a gift for his mother.

2. He actually was in some movies.

3. He was given bad publicity for the way he danced around on stage.

4. Elvis stood out in school by wearing pink and black cloths.

5. Elvis also stood out by the way he grew out his hair and sideburns.


Elvis had many accomplishments in his life. He got a girlfriend,He got a record,he sang on the radio,he sang live many times,and he become famous.Theses are just a few of his accomplishments if you would like to know more you can find many sources of information on him in biographys written about him or you can check the internet.

The theme of Elvis's life

The theme of his life was to entertain. Elvis entertained hundreds of thousands of people with the way he danced on stage and the way he sang.

What Elvis taught me

Reading about Elvis taught me that i should not be scared to be my self and persue my dreams.


Work cited

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