strandford creek

Flooded streets of strandford creek

     On June 21st, 2010 in Orlando Florida on strandford creek a massive flood causes more than 107 people to lose electricity and stop access to roads. Many people are also killed,an estimate of more than 68 people. Flooding was caused by lake trixy, it had overflown with water from these past days because of the rain.

     Jessica Laurdman the witness of the flood begging said, "I was just about to exit the door to drop my kids, when I step in a huge pile of water. I see water everywhere and I got scared. I decided not to send my kids to school and myself to work, i didn't want to take any chances."

     Police officer Dougly said "We are trying to unclog gutters and we want everyone to stay indoors where ever you are because it's too dangerous for anyone to come out right now."

     Police are trying there hardest to stop water from flowing. Police are estimating the flood to be over within 5 days. So far the streets are almost clean of water but police still want everyone to stay in your houses until its safe enough for people to come out of there houses.

view of strandford creek from the top

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