Pandemic-It is an outbreak of a disease around the world.

Epidemic-A widespread of a disease at a particular time in a certain community.

Outbreak-Sudden or violent start of something unwanted.

Where did the disease originate?

In northern Europe, northern USA and Canada impetigo is the most common childhood skin infection. Northern Europe is the northern part or region of Europe. Geographically, northern Europe is usually taken to consist of Iceland.

How did it spread

Blisters caused by bullous impetigo tend to last longer than blisters caused by other types of impetigo being in a crowded environment where bacteria can spread easily.Impetigo is a contagious form of skin infection that produces sores or blisters on a child's hands, neck, face and in their diaper area.The infection spreads through direct contact with a person who has it, although it may be spread through toys, towels, household items or clothes. It basically spreads through stuff that is passed from person to person.

What does this say about the country?

Staphylococcus Aureus resistant to fusidic is common because it made the disease spread.

How this disease could affect a country's economy?

It is not very contagious it just causes a rash.

How this disease could affect a country's culture?

People will be itchy all the time and it will spread making people have to stay home.