Traveling Nurse

What do you do as a traveling nurse?

A traveling nurse works short term. Meaning they could work at a hospital, any where in the world or in the United States, and be at the hospital for maybe two to six weeks. Traveling nurses are called where they are needed. For example, if there was forest fire and ton of people were badly injured then the nurse would get a call and be summon to go to that hospital to help out for as long as needed.

Skills Required

A travel nurse needs to be flexible and able to work in a variety of locations. Communication skills are a must, as travel nurses need to understand both the medical and social needs of patients. As with all nurses, travel nurses should be detail oriented and skilled in analysis. If they travel internationally, knowledge in the local language would be useful as well. Knowing different languages, if international travel, is a huge need. Traveling nurses would need to be able to talk to patients either to calm them or tell them whats happening. Also, they will need to communicate to other nurses and doctors at the hospital so they can do as they need to help patients.

Education Requirements

To be a traveling nurse one will need a degree as a registered nurse (RN), this will take two to four years in college. Once that is achieved, then that person will need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam, and then work for at least one year in a hospital with the specialty they wish to practice. All facilities require their nurses to have at minimum an ASN degree. Depending on which specialty you work in ACLS, PALS, NIH stroke scale and other certifications may also be necessary.

Salary Expectations

On average a traveling nurse will get around 40 dollars in one hour, and about 75,000 dollars a year. The amount a traveling nurse makes varies on which company they choose to go with as well. Some travel nurses even make around 50,000 dollars a year or 50 dollars a hour. It all just depends who the travel nurse decides to go with.

Future Outlook

It's not hard to become a traveling nurse at all. Some people start about a week after they have submitted their application. There are about 340 companies for travel nurses in the United States. You will never have to worry about finding a second career after this one because hospitals will always need extra nurses to help out. A traveling nurse is pretty long term even though the assignment will last for only weeks.


There are many benefits you will get from becoming a traveling nurse. Whenever you are called to travel away from your home everything is payed for. For example, housing, electricity, furniture, etc. Even traveling nurses often receive health and wellness benefits including health, dental, and vision insurance, making the cost of any regular checkups or unexpected emergencies more affordable. Plus, you get money. Who doesn't like getting money?

Similar Careers

If you can't find a job as a travel nurse or you wouldn't like to travel all the time there are other options. You could become a regular RN nurse at a hospital, medical social worker, or pretty much anything else in the medical field.

Why I Picked This Career

I chose to do this career because I love going places and always doing something. I also enjoy helping, calming, and healing people whether its a mental or physical pain. Seeing people smile and knowing that I have helped someone makes me happy. It's what I live for. Also, going places I've never been before is always fun and excited no matter what the reason I'm there for. I would be really great for this career because this is a lonely job. I can handle being alone and by myself.

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