Guide to Mesopotamia

Grace Mathis

Caption: A Cuneiform Tablet


Civilization: A group of people with an organized and complex society

Fertile Crescent: An area that is curved and good for farming

Irrigation: Helps people control when or how much water the crops get

City-State: An individual unit complete with it's own form of government

Mesopotamia: Land between two rivers

Polytheism: Belief in many gods

Monotheism: Belief in one god

Ziggurat: A pyramid shaped building used for worship

Cuneiform: Wedge shaped writing

Code of Hammurabi: A set of 282 laws established by King Hammurabi

Hanging Gardens: Gardens made by King Nebuchadnezzar for his wife

The Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was a big group of gardens that King Nebuchadnezzar built for his wife. Some scientists think it was 400 x 400 x 80. The Hanging Gardens are actually a rumor. Nobody really knows if it was in Babylon or Nineveh. It was said to be built in Babylon and it was recorded in cuneiform in Babylon. It is said to be one of the 7 wonders of the world. Yeah, it's that cool. It had gorgeous flowers and fountains and trees and there might have even been canopies that they built. It's said to be built in 600 BCE. But I guess it'll be a mystery for all long time.


As like many other things, writing was invented in Mesopotamia. It helped people...a lot. Before writing,  everyone was off track and messed up! But then, some really cool dude thought of making a writing system and keep things recorded. Thank you! Anyways, they could finally keep track of things on tablets. Then they started to make books and all sorts of other things. What would we do without a writing system?

Gods and Godesses

The people in Mesopotamia believed in many gods, so I guess you could call them polytheistic. They even believed that most of their gods were up in the sky so they built their ziggurats (a place where they worshipped) way up high on mountains. They also believed if they pleased the gods good things would happen.  


If you read my last paragraph you probably know that a ziggurat is where the people of Mesopotamia worshipped their gods. But, that's not all they did. They also used the ziggurats for battle. They were a pyramid shaped building and it was a big step for creating civilizations. The biggest buildings in every city was a ziggurat. Since they were so high they were used for watch towers so they could see the enemies so they could warn everybody before the attack.

Epic of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh is when subjects of a king named Gilgamesh basically made a poem  about him doing pretty cool things. Since Gilgamesh had a library in Uruk, that's of course where he kept his tablets of writing in them, and about 2/3 have been recovered. That was the start of keeping everything recorded. The start of knowledge and reading and allowing them to invent other things like school.

If you want more info on Mesopotamia check out this website below.

                            Grace Mathis