Stranger Danger

Created by Sadman Abedin

         While the sun rises. A reflection is burning Lenny. Lenny is feeling very toxic from cooking rabbits on the stove. While cooking, Lenny fades away and starts gridding out his thoughts and memories on what is happening. Lenny finally took over the farm, and named it “Lenny’s.” He had many types of rabbits hopping around and minding their business, until Lenny tried to feed those rocks.

         Lenny started pegging rocks at a pregnant bunny, thinking it was a game him and George played. 10 minutes into the game, the pregnant rabbit was not moving. The eyes we’re closed and Lenny thought it was sleeping, till Lenny started poking it with a stick. Lenny froze for 20 seconds, and he started jogging to the bunkhouse. While he was rushing into the bunkhouse, he was tripping over little logs, and once he entered the bunkhouse, he was out of breathe. Everything in the area got very dizzy. He was leaning for a bunk, but he fell into the dinner table, Lenny started screaming “GEORGE WHERE ARE YOU?” Lenny was in shock, and once he caught his breathe, he ran into the panic bunk.

        After Lenny got a hold of his panic bunk, he swiftly walked into the bush waiting for George.. Lenny kept questioning himself waiting for George. A strange old man started scavenging around. He start walking around the bush Lenny was hiding in. " Hey you, what are you doing in the bush young boy? " said the strange man. " You no George!!!!!" said Lenny. Lenny started giving this strange man a death stare. Lenny felt in danger, and he started walking backwards slowly. The strange man started running towards Lenny saying " YOU ARE MY DINNER!!!!" The strange man started beating him up.. Lenny was confused, but he started to realize he needs to defend himself. Lenny swinged at the strange man.. All Lenny wanted was George to come and help him... Then he realized something important for the first time. He did not need George to control or lead him into his path.  Lennys heart started beating very fast, he started sweating, and he started feeling all his muscles ache.. Lenny finally woke up from this nightmare, thinking his dream was perfection, when it was the biggest nightmare of his life. Lenny finally started to realize, dreams can turn into nightmares.

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