Lumbar Disc Replacement Ideal for Chronic Back Pain

Sedentary lifestyle often forces us to rely on our backbone to a greater extent. As a result, several people are prone to developer lower back problems with age. The pain exists because lumbar bones from the spinal cord often get worn out and injured due to persistence in sitting position, or faulty sitting habits. Moreover, the shocks experienced by back due to regular travel just aggravates this pain. As a result, several individuals report to suffer from back pain.

Lower back problems are a major cause of disability around the world. Around 70 to 80% of people are known to experience back pain at certain point of time in life. The pain is fairly concentrated in the lower region of back where lumbar bones are located. The solution to get rid of this kind of chronic pain is Lumbar Disc Replacement.

Who should apply for Lumbar Disc Replacement?

There are several hospitals in India such as Apollo Hospitals Chennai that provide Spine surgery for reducing back pain. Lumbar disc replacement is a leading procedure to solve such problems. Before you could go for such procedure, you should get recommendation from doctor. Patients who are able to undergo this procedure are:

  • Known to suffer from back pain caused from intervertebral disks
  • Have no significant facet joint medical condition or any form of compression in nerves
  • Should not be overweight
  • Should not have gone any kind of major spine surgery in the past
  • Should not have any kind of deformities in spine such as Scoliosis

How is the surgery performed?

This surgery is fairly non-invasive with requirement of only single incision. For the surgery, an incision is made in the abdomen. An orthopaedic is required as major blood vessels and internal organs need to be moved aside before installing the disc.

After the surgery, you will have to stay 2 to 4 days in the hospital for recovery. Post to discharge, you are expected to follow the routine suggested by the doctor.