Bulling must stop

the "pizza" scenario The "pizza" scenario was about this group of kids getting info out of a less popular kid. They talked him into sharing his info by asking questions. If i were apart of that group of friends i would have helped Chris. That situation would have made me feel bad, and i'm sure it made Chris feel bad once everybody saw the blog. I would have responded to this by telling my parents first then telling the principal of the school then i would attempt to get the blog down before anybody else saw it. I would respond in this way because being violent and doing what they did back to them would not be right,telling someone would be the right thing to do.

Scenario 2

If you witnessed this type of bullying and did nothing about it it would send a message that basically says hey i see you bullying but i am not going to do anything about it and that makes him think i can do all this and they wont do a thing about it because they are. Thing s you could do would be trying to deactivate the page or delete the comments. If you stand up to the bully and stand up for your classmate it makes the bully feel outnumbered and can sometimes force the bully to stop. Cyber bulling is using a computer or phone to bully someone and hiding behind a computer screen or a phone screen. Cyber bulling is the most cowardly act of bullying possible. Ways to prevent is blocking bullies over the internet, not giving personal info over the internet, reporting bullying scenarios and spam cases. Bulling will be hard make go out of existence there will always be bullies but we can stand up to it and try to stop it. Rather its cyber bullying, physical bullying, verbal bullying or convert bullying we can try to defeat it.

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