Newport International Group LLC Consulting: Market Growth and Entry


Discover New Opportunities, Blue Oceans, Lost Gems

At Newport Consulting, we have a strong track record in helping our clients leverage their best “assets” – uncovering those gems that shine brightly in a competitive market. Sometimes we uncover gems within the company and sometimes gems within a market that have little or no competition.

Our goal is to deliver you short term results that capture expanded market opportunities and increased revenues. Often client operating costs can be reduced through our work of improved processes and goal setting. Our strategy sets new direction – a shift – if needed and recommendations for implementing these strategies.

Operational programs in areas such as sales, marketing, channel management, and delivery allow the momentum to continue from strategy to value-based results. We stay on the journey with you when needed, sharing in the risk and reward of growing new market opportunities.

Blue Ocean Strategy Program

One of our most requested and best-leveraged engagements involves identifying and implementing new ”Blue Ocean Opportunities”, whether through new markets, or by enhancing existing products or services, or through identifying new sales or partner channels. We roll up our sleeves and work with you – not “to you” – to identify how best to achieve value and results. Although we collectively have decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, often we are asked to conduct this Blue Ocean Strategy work for high growth, Inc. 5000 and mezzanine-financed, companies who need to make quick market gains during a relatively short window of opportunity in a fast moving market. From identifying the opportunity to implementing the marketing or sales channel programs, we can work in each phase to help you gain new market ground.

Employee Handbook and Policies Creation

Our high growth clients often come from outside of the US market or originate from sole proprietorships or family-owned concerns, and as such are often unfamiliar with best practices in performance management, human resources, recruiting and hiring. We work with our domestic and foreign-based clients to create or modernize employee handbooks, employment forms, benefits packages, and performance management processes so that the company can operate under the rigor of modern employment law, practices, and customs.

Marketing Communications On-line Presence

The B2B market decision maker spends a lot of time on-line researching the industry and different solutions as part of the purchasing cycle. Much awareness and consideration can be built through on-line communications. We have the experience and expertise to help you position your B2B marketing offers to others, whether it’s through technology and marketing articles, thought leadership, points-of-view, product presentation materials and white papers. We don’t claim to be social media technologists – instead we provide you with the wisdom of what to say, where to say it, and how to position your story so you can take advantage of the various and easily accessible media channels in your marketplace. We develop integrated growth strategies that often also take advantage of our Digital Content Strategy service offering.

Leveraging and Streamlining Repeatable Services

Fast growth companies often seize many opportunities first and reflect only afterwards. Customer-driven opportunities can make a company – but often too many dissimilar opportunities can break a company. We bring expertise to create order during times of growth. We do this by identifying a company’s core “assets” – those offerings that can be best leveraged and repeated. We set up for each company the right small team of experts that have expertise in marketing know-how, product management discipline, pricing and service models, technology and process-improvement. This team can lead and also work side-by-side with you to “productize” your offerings, identify your best and most profitable service or product components, structure clear boundaries between service and products, and identify the highest cost reduction areas. Using a team that augments and complements your cross-functional groups during company growth can help to take the pressure off of immediate needs while making sure you are moving forward on your company’s critical marketing and product plans.

Market Growth through Technology Partners

We admit it – we like being a corporate matchmaker! It’s very satisfying to create synergy between two companies … and our track record in creating these opportunities for our clients propels us to want to do more. Once we have been brought into an understanding of our client’s strategic goals, we can combine the right team for the partner project which may include marketing strategists, research analysts, technologists, with those with the appropriate industry relations and contacts. Doors often open easier and opportunities develop faster through the use of a “third party” advocate/matchmaker, versus our clients trying to ask for a dance. Technology partnerships often complement our work in Blue Ocean Strategy planning and implementation.

Market Entry and Expansion

Whether you are a new or existing business, creating a new market or venturing into a new industry segment requires the proper care to protect not only your assets but also your brand. We help companies assess various start-up, expansion and acquisition options through review of corporate and trademark documents and development of initial operating guidelines. These guidelines can include contract business insurance, marketing plans, sales toolkits, and internal communications approaches. With our legal partners we can also secure appropriate trademarks, patents and other intellectual assets needed regardless of where your company operates in the world.

Venture Capital Preparation

Whether you are late stage funding or seeking mezannine or early funding rounds, we can “tell your story” in a way favorable to banking institutions and venture capital firms. We also maintain several relationships in the banking and VC space which can support your growth objectives.

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