Recurring Colors


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Sweet and Innocent. Curiosity and Protective.

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Generally speaking, whenever you see a red of anything, that stands for a WARNING! Little Red Riding Hood was the Wolf's target!

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In the Story, "The Storm", Calixta wore red lip stick that attracted Alcee closer to her. Her red lipstick symbolized passion and curiosity!

Little Red Riding Hood was never scared of the Wolf. Her cloak caught the wolf's attention, in the midst of the woods.  She had no problem listening to what the wolf had to say unto her. Her red hood provoked her to do things!

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The wolf symbolized a man wanting sex. One who is a lover and a seducer. Little Red Riding Hood was further traveling onto the woods...

I'm reminded about the Novel, "Young Goodman Brown" and how he came across  more and more tempting things as he went further into the forest. Its a dark, dark place! It caused Goodman Brown to do sinful attributes!

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The Innocent Girl became distracted and separate from who she really was, which led to


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3 years ago

The wolf decieved and distracted Little Red Riding Hood into going into looking at the beautiful wildflowers and telling her that she should relax and look at the world in a different way.