Christmas Cards


Like #1

Love the simplicity of it and the quote/saying on the bottom is cute. I also enjoy the mistletoe border and the font.

Like #2

I love the kitty’s face and all the ornaments that are decorating him. I like the way the background is kinda faded and the picture of the cat has a higher opacity.


Such a pretty scene. It’s very eye catching to me. I like the colors on the trees and lights and how they contrast against the snow on the houses and ground.

Like #4

So creative with the pop out tree! This one is my 2nd favorite, but I would make sure it would say Merry Christmas. I like the simplicity of it all and the cartoon-ish presentation.

Like #5

I really enjoy all the color and how the contrast with one another. I also like the font used on the bottom on top of the table cloth. This is my third favorite card.

Like #6

So cute and simple. I love the panda and the font of the "Merry Christmas." I also like the border with teh red and white against the blueish gray background. It makes it pop.

Like #7

Very elegant and simple. I like the colors and how they contrast against the flower. I like the font of the "Merry CHRISTMAS!" I also like how "CHRISTMAS" is all capitalized.

Like #8

I like the shadowing on the side of the tree. It creates depth and makes the tree appear to be indented

Like #9

I really enjoy the whole ribbon and button placement on the card. I also like the little designs on the bottom and the color contrasting. The picture of the Santa on his sleigh with the reindeer is also very cute.

Like #10

MY FAVORITE ONE. I love the dog’s face and how the dog looks against the background. I also enjoy the personalization added to it by adding of the family name.

Dislike #1

It’s too boring and simple and it’s not creative at all.

Dislike #2

Horrible cropping. The background is ugly.

Dislike #3

Looks very cheap. All they did was put text on a picture.

Dislike #4

Very plain and creepy. I don't like how plain the font is.

Dislike #5

So unrelated to the idea of Christmas and it doesn’t even look like a Christmas card.

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