Frankenstein Vocabulary

Alyah Yardan


Definition: the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, or desire.

The new boy was my latest obsession.

Synonym: delusion

Antonym: indifference


Definition: to move or force into violent or irregular action

The smell of smoke agitated the veteran.

Synonym: disturb

Antonym: calm


Definition: hard on continuos work

We toiled for the longest, waiting for a break.

Synonym: strive

Antonym: relax


Defintion: odd or unnatural in apperance

The grotesque old man told the stories of World War II.

Synonym: absurd

Antonym: common


Definition: excited, restless, or uncontrolled

The young man was feverish, anxious to walk across the stage.

Synonym; hectic

Antonym: calm


Definition: charecterized by convulsions or spasms

The boy was convulsive, I assumed he had turrets.

Synonym: firey

Antonym: moderate


Defintion: to consume destructively or recklessly

He devoured his cupcakes as if he hadn't ate in days.

Synonym: frenzied

Antonym: save


Definition: the science dealing with the structure of animals, humans, and plants

As we sat through the day we watched a whole season of Grey's Anatomy.

Synonym: analysis

Antonym: connection


Definition: having a rugged, weather beaten apperance

The flag was gnarled, that indicated that we needed a new one.

Synonym: contorted

Antonym: straight


Definition: to keep away because of dislike

We shunned him because his hair was blonde, how could he fit in?

Synonym: despise

Antonym: accept