Technical Characteristics:
2.Self power consumption:≤5W
3.Measuring accuracy of temperature:±1℃
4. PT 1000 sensors: 0℃~199℃,
5. NTC 10K: 0℃~99℃
6. Ambient temperature range: -10~50℃
7. Water protection grade: IP40
8.Power supply: AC100V~120V / AC220V~240V

Main function
1.Clock/week display
2.Chosen system (1-30 system available)
3.Temperature difference on/off
4.Protection of tank at high temperature
5.Collector cooling function
6.Anti-freeze protection
7.Temperature controlled auxiliary heating during three time section
8.Holiday function
9.Protection functions ( a. Memory protection, b. anti-bacteria protection )

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We supply the following products: flat plate solar water heater and solar flat panel collector well.

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