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Letter to Reader

Josephinum Academy: A School of Great Education

By: Jennifer Peralta

Dear Readers,
     Josephinum Academy is an all-girls catholic school founded in 1890 by the Sisters of Christian Charity. Many catholic schools have moved out of Chicago's inner city, but Josephinum still remains in Chicago's inner city giving young women a good education, so they can move further in life and become successful.
    Josephinum means a lot to me because this school gives you freedom, but still has some rules that you should follow. This school has given me a better education and I have seen my grades rise from grammar school and now. Teachers here do everything that they can to push their students further ahead into working their best, so they can get better grades and go off to college leading them into a successful life. For example, many students complain about the amount of homework the teacher gives us and all of the test and quizzes, but really if you come to think about it, they are doing everything they can so we can get good grades. They want what's best for us.

Broaster, Ashley

Student Life At Josephinum

By: Jennifer Peralta

Today I will be interviewing Ashley Broaster, a 15-year-old Freshman currently attending Josephinum Academy. Ashley is a very athletic and active person, she has 2 brothers and 1 sister, and she was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. Today, I will be asking her about her accomplishments and student life at Josephinum Academy.

Jennifer: Hi how are you?

Ashley: Good and you?

Jennifer: Good thanks for asking, if you don't mind, I'll be asking a few questions. Is that fine with you?

Ashley: No it's fine.

Jennifer: How was your year at Josephinum so far?

Ashley: It was pretty decent year, just a lot of work.

Jennifer: How has Josephinum inspired you to become the person that you are today?

Ashley: Josephinum hasn't really inspired me... It just helped me a little throughout the year.

Jennifer: Are you in any sports?

Ashley: Basketball and Softball.

Jennifer: What have you accomplished so far?

Ashley: Getting a scholarship and receiving an academic award in basketball, "Most Improved."

Jennifer: What is your favorite subject so far? And why.

Ashley: Survey Literature! Because Ms.Keller makes the class so fun! [smiles]

Jennifer: That's good! Have you seen any changes in yourself while you attended here?

Ashley,: Yeah, I learned how to not pay attention to fake people.

Jennifer: Yes! What subject do you struggle in? And why.

Ashley: Algebra Honors, because it's more of a challenge than I experienced..

Jennifer: I can imagine... What is one thing you would like to change in the world? And why?

Ashley: Bullying and cyber bullying because some people don't really know how to defend themselves... And it gets to the point where they can't handle it anymore...

Jennifer: Yeah... I understand. Anyway, thank you so much for this interview! Have a good day!

Ashley: No problem! You too! [smiles]

Don't Have Any Summer Plans? GO TO WARPED TOUR!

By: Jennifer Peralta


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Should Communities Decide a Curfew For Us Teens?

By: Jennifer Peralta

     I believe that communities should not make the decision on whether teenagers should have curfews. Many students may have midnight shifts that they have to work. They also have extra-curricular activities that they do after school. Also, teenagers should have freedom and have some fun in their life. Not to be stuck in their home doing something that they don't enjoy. Families should decide the curfew for their children. Not the communities.

       One reason as to why we should not have curfews is we might have overnight shifts to do at work. Many of us teens get a job simply because we need the money. We don't want to keep on constantly begging our parents for money. Also, our family may have money problems, so us teenagers work to help support our family in their time of need.        

     Reason number two as to why teenagers should not have a curfew is we also have extra-curricular activities to do after school. Many adults want teenagers to do extra-curricular activities after school, so teens may have book club, math club, etc. Extra-curricular activities help keep teenagers busy and active. It helps keep them off of the streets and do something healthy in their lives. So why take that away from them?

    I personally don't want a curfew. I mean who would like to be home at a certain time and do something absolutely boring? I, and many other teenagers, want to experience having a great time with our friends and not be trapped in home like a caged animal. Sure many adults might find the idea "fun" absolutely horrifying, thinking that all we do is drink and do inappropriate things; that's not the idea. Adults have to stop making assumptions and let us kids have fun in life. Many of us are stressed over school, so we want to get that off of our minds and have fun.

     These are the reasons as to why communities should not decide a curfew for us teenagers. Think about it, would you like the idea of communities choosing a curfew for you? Do you like the idea of being stuck at home and not going out with your friends? Why limit our freedom?

The Fault In Our Stars movie

WARNING: The Fault In Our Stars Movie May Contain a Pool of Tears

By: Jennifer Peralta

          The creator of The Fault In Stars book, #1 Best Selling book in America, John Green is now making a movie based on the book. Starring Shailene Woodly (Hazel Grace Lancaster) and Ansel Elgort (Augustus Waters) in the movie The Fault In Our Stars, coming out on June 6, 2014. The book has made over millions of teens cry while reading the book of the tragic love story of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace. Hazel Grace has thyroid cancer which has spread throughout her lungs. She has to carry a portable oxygen tank with her in order to survive. She goes to a support group, where she meets a seventeen year old Augustus Waters. Instantly, she falls madly in love with him and their love story continues where they go to Amsterdam together and meet their favorite author, Peter Van Houten, the author of the book An Imperial Affliction . Then, their love story ends with a tragedy. Making millions of teenagers bawl their eyes out. As dear Augustus Waters said, "It's a metaphor see: you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its own killing."

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