What Kids Should Know About Marco Polo And The Silk Road

Marco Polo for kids is an interesting and educational topic that offers the young people an insight into the life and times of a fascinating explorer, his travels and experiences in China. They will learn everything relevant regarding his background like how his father and uncle, Nicolo and Maffio were Venetian merchants who travelled to China in 1264. Early on they used to trade with Eastern and Chinese merchants. As the war loomed large, the Polos left their home in Venice to settle in the modern day Uzbekistan that made trading to these countries easier.

The journey of the elder Polos lasting 2 years took them to the court of Kublai Khan in modern day Beijing. The emperor was too happy to receive them and wanted them to teach Chinese people everything they could about western customs and Christianity. As the kids can learn further, the young Marco was too fascinated with the experiences recited by his father and uncle upon their return. So when they finally decided to journey back to China he requested to accompany them.

Like any other young kid of his age, he was attracted to adventure, a chance to visit new places and experience the unknown. His elders also could not deny his request and so Marco set out with Nicolo and Maffio to China in 1271. Theirs was an arduous, long journey across central and western Asia involving numerous fascinating details of Silk Road for kids, one of the most important trade routes of the ancient times. They travelled via the sea route until reaching Persian Gulf. After this, they took the caravan route passing across modern day Iran, Turkey, and Iraq. Traversing across the desolate and dreary Gobi Desert, they passed along various prominent mercantile cities of the ancient world.

Finally, in 1275 at springtime they reached their destination Shangdu that was the summer capital of the great Kublai Khan. The road they took to reach here is the Silk Road of yore. Impressed with the young hero Marco Polo, the emperor made him the commissioner at his court. Being the curious one, he used his time to gain insight into the native culture and language. Quickly becoming the trusted advisor to the emperor, Marco used his position to learn as much as he could about the vast territories Kublai Khan ruled, his arms, palaces, and riches that he saw.

He recorded everything he saw and through his chronicles, children can learn about the vast trade network of Asia of that time, thriving salt, silk and iron industries. This travelogue also describes in vivid detail the paper money concept, and Chinese inventions like porcelain pottery. His descriptions have inspired numerous generations of European explorers to follow his path of the Silk Route. It is believed that Marco Polo also inspired Christopher Columbus to set out on his epic journey but instead of coming to Asia he accidentally discovered America instead.

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