Test VII

I. Complete the sentences use can/can't

1. The baby is ill, so we ________ come to the dinner tomorrow night. Sorry. can can't
2. I ________ speak French, but I know how to ask for someone's name and age. can can't
3. Look, Barry. Is that our house over there? ________ you see it? can can't
4. Maggie, speak a little louder. We ________ hear you at the back of the room. can can't
5. Where's my phone? I put it on the table and now I ________ find it! can can't
6. I ________ smell smoke. Is there a fire somewhere? can can't
7. The new manager is Sophie. I ________ believe that! She's terrible. can can't
8. I'm busy on Saturday, Nickie, but we ________ go running the next day if you want. can can't

II. Complete the sentences. Use there is/isn't/are/aren't Is/Are there

1_______ a bag on the table.(negative)
2_______a calendar on the wall?
3_______ two posters in my room.
4__________ lots of books in the shelf?
5_______a mirror in our hall.
6________ 12 cushions on the sofa.(negative)
7________ big wardrobe in my sister's bedroom?

III. Choose the correct answer

1._____ Maths on Wednesday. They've got/She got
2.I _____ got ICT on Tuesday. haven't/hasn't
3.What lessons _____ today? Millie has got/has Millie got
4.When _____ PE? have we got/got we
5.He _____ got lessons on Saturday. no/hasn't
6._____ Biology this term. They has got/She hasn't got

IV.Choose the correct answer

1 - I saw ____.her/she
2 - Give it to ____.they/them
3 - She kissed ____.he/him
4 - He took ____.they/them
5 - Did anyone see ____?us/we
6 - _____ arrived on time.Them/They
7 - What did ____ say?her/she
8 - She's faster than ____ am.me/I
9 - I saw you and ____ there.she/her

V.Put the adverb in the right position

1 He listens to the radio. (often)
2 They read a book. (sometimes)
3 Pete gets angry. (never)
4 Tom is very friendly. (usually)
5 I take sugar in my coffee. (sometimes)
6 Ramon and Frank are hungry. (often)
7 My grandmother goes for a walk in the evening. (always)
8 Walter helps his father in the kitchen. (usually)
9 They watch TV in the afternoon. (never)
10 Christine smokes. (never)

VI. Type the correct form of these verbs into the box.
ski write run shop listen cycle watch swim

1.We often have a holiday in the mountains. We love________
2.I hate_______. I gave my old bike to my brother.
3. I like________in the park, it's good exercise.
4.The pool is OK, but I prefer________in the sea.
5. John doesn't want to come to the shops - he hates_______.
6. My mum can use email, but she prefers________letters.
7. Jerry likes ________to the radio when he's in the bath.
8. My brother sometimes likes________American football on TV.