John Locke

By: Gabby Campos, Nathanael Gallegos, and Alex Hanes

On August 29, 1632, John Locke was born by his parents, Agnes Keene and John Locke, in Wrington, United Kingdom. He attended high school at Westminster School and for secondary school, attended the University of Oxford. He passed due to a regular asthma attack without marrying or having any children in High Laver, United Kingdom. John Locke was an English Philosopher and was known for having an optimistic mindset towards human nature and believed we should have natural rights from birth.  

    John Locke believed that individuals should have natural rights from birth. Believing that each person should have natural rights was having the right to life, liberty, health, and property.  He tried to influence the government to keep these rights for the people.  Not only did he influence the government but the Founding Fathers, and particularly the Declaration of Independence.  John Locke also influenced presidents such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Locke's idea later on echoed across Europe and Latin America reaching far beyond the limits of the traditional discipline of philosophy.

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