Let Girls Learn

My prediction was pretty much right. President Obama and Michelle Obama started a new organization called "Let Girls Learn' The Peace Corp is also helping Obama reach the goal of world education for girls. Michelle Obama believes every child deserves a education. They have began to help a few countries such as Benin, Ghana, and Togo. So far they have helped train 300,000 teachers and provided 35 million textbooks to these countries

" I see myself in these girls. I see our daughters in these girls." Michelle Obama Said. "And like all of you, I just can't walk away from them. Like you, I cant just sit back and accept the barriers that keep them from realizing their promise."

                                        Action Plan :                                                    Let's Get Involved

We don't have to donate millions of dollars to help out. We can play are own small part's in this project by sharing this page and joining the conversation.  Another option is Farmer to Farmer which connects volunteer experts from the U.S. to respond to the local needs of host-country farmers and organizations. Click the Link Buttons at the bottom of the page for more options on what YOU can do to help.

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