The Glass Castle


alcohol can have harmful effects on family life:

Jeanette's father is an alcoholic man. she and her siblings have high tension and lots of stress through out the book.

Don't take thing for granted:

Jeanette and her siblings didn't have much what they did have they had put it to use and had fun. They put fourth to take care of her family.



Jeanette walls lived with her 3 other siblings and her parents. They moved like nomads all over the country because the father couldn't keep a job with his alcohol drinking problem.  The parents are Rex and Rose merry who embraced living life on the rode.

Rising action:

The family moves to West Virginia in a mining town. The family runs out of money so the father will leave for days to go drink alcohol he would even steal the the family groceries and they will stave just to drink.

Falling action:

The father Rex gets a job as a electriton and the family is finally getting money for food. He looses the job and goes into another drinking spree. Jeanette ask for her tenth birthday for him to stop drinking and he try's but fails. They run out of money and the family decide to move to Rex's  parents.


Jeanette ran away she escaped from her family for a couple years her father dies.



Jeanette's father is normally a good man tell he starts drinking then steels from his kids then goes to a sexual bar.

Mom(Rose Merry)

Jeanette's mom normally a loyal lady to her husband. She wants to be a successful artist. She always sugar coats life, stays with her husband even no he is a big drunk.

Brian walls

Jeanette's little brother also her best friend protects her from all the dangers. He doesn't care to much about the dad he knows his dad steels the money for food to buy alcohol.

Lori walls

Jeanette's older sister who has art skills like her mother she wanted it leave Virginia to go to New York.

Maureen walls

Jeanette's Youngest sister don't no to much about her she's very pretty .

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