The Divine Miss Monique Porter

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Career Background/ Experience

I have worked with children from infancy to 21 years of age for  16 years.

I was an education assistant for Fort Knox Military School District and an a school-age and youth counselor on the military instillation for 14 years.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Sciences from the University of Louisville and obtained my Teaching Certification from Indiana University Southeast through the Transiton to Teaching program.

I am currently teaching 2nd grade at Green Valley Elementary School in New Albany, IN and continuing my education to obtain my Master's Dregree in Education at Indiana University Southeast.

Professional Development

Summer 2014: kindergarten - 2nd grade  2 day Literacy Workshop with  reknowned Author Jan Richardson.

July 28, 2014: Conscious Discipline Training

August 22, 2014: kindergarten -2n grade  Guided Reading Workshop with Jan Richardson hosted Green Valley Elementary School.

In the past year and half I have learned that no matter howwell you plan, organize, and teach a lesson; there will always be days where you have to throught it out the window and go with the flow of the students. Students come in a variety of colors, personalities and learning styles. To be a great teacher you have to learn to adapt to any situation that may arise and be okay with it.

My Philosophy

I strongly believe the classroom is a dynamic place where children are engaged in real life application supported through the curriculum. In my opinion, combining innovative researched-based methods with traditional classroom practices is the best approach to reach each child. Educators need to prepare students to become productive citizens by providing structured, stimulating, and supportive environments. Thus giving students the confidence they need to succeed and have a promising future.

Classroom Structure

My classroom is setup to build teamwork and  positive social skills.  Although having the students in groups can be a challenge, there are benefits.  I strategically group my students at their team tables based on certain factors: content strengths and weaknesses, positive attitudes and helpfulness.  This setup helps all my students become more dependent on each other and confident in their abilities to be leaders in any content area or social skill connection.  Our School theme this year is "Game On for Learning!"  Since, I love basketball my classroom  filled with all things NBA. Most of my students are tech-savvy, so we use technology a lot in my class. This year I'm trying to teach my students how to use the smart response controllers for quizzing and data collecting.

Most of my teaching is conducted using my SmartBoard.  I create games and use the Smart Exchange website to find quick lessons related to the concept. The students get a kick out of using the tools just as much as I do. Since my students are very mobile, my lesson are structured to provide movement and hand-to mind activities using manipulatives. To break up core content lessons I provide the students with awesome "Brain Breaks" that allows us to get our boogie on or for about 3 minutes.

Favorite Tools


Letters Alive Camera


Smart Response Remote controlls


Smart Slate


QR code creator                     Classflow

Class Dojo                                 Pandora

Smart Exchange                      Powtoon

AR Flash cards                        Scholastic Book Wizard

Google Apps (slides, docs, sheets, etc.)

Pick Me

Class doJo is Awesome!

Parent Contact

For the past year and this year I have used a online classroom management program called ClassDojo. I use it to communicate my students' postive and not so postive behavior instantly to parents. The company recently added a messaging program which allows for additional communication through instant messaging. It has made a world of difference in my students behavior and my relationships with my parents.  On ocassions I still have to send an email or make a phone call, but thats very rare.   In addtion, I send a grade level newsletter home each week so parents know what's going on at school and what their student is learn.

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