Background family.

Ethnic race.

Some families have one or several member in her/his family. It shows we are not racist.


In Spain the most common religion is the cristianism. However, more than an half of the population belong to a religious family. In spite of it, the number of atheist people is very large.

Unemployed population.

There a large number of families that have an unemployed member because of the crisis. The number of unemployed women are larger because they sometimes prefer to stay at home doing houseworks and looking after children.


A great number of the population belong to a divorced family. In divorced families, children tent to live with her mothers because they have more confidence with them.


The amount of women that go to the university is larger than the menĀ“s one. They go to University to achieve proffesional skills. Although, most of men want to be footballers, there are also, women who want to dedicate their life to sports. In spite of it, a large number of women want to be doctors, engineers or lawyers.


Also, there are a lots of Spanish housewife (who stay at home all day). However, amount of teenagers do house duties. One of the most common houseworks is setting up the table. In Spain, there are several families that have a daily assistant. Since a short time ago, men also participate at home. The usually throw the rubbish away, wash the dishes and fed up the pet (if they have any one).

Flat or house?

During the beginning of the first century, many people who live in the country, move to the city. Nowadays, there are a large number of people who live in flats because of its prices .HousesĀ“maintenants are more expensive than the other ones.

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