Here is some brief history about Sunshine State: Our country was founded by a brave strong handsome man named Eric "Sunshine" Barraza. He was bought land by his parents and at first he didnt know what to call this piece of land so he just called it his "Room". A few months later he decided to change the name because the name didn't really fit right so he decided to call it sunshine states

The In the great country of Sunshine States we believe in all religions. We believe the people of Sunshine States should have the right to there own religion. We don't and will never have a specific religion. You have the freedom to religion. The main religions in Sunshine States is Christian, Buddhism, and Catholic

We speak various languages in Sunshine States. We mainly speak English but in other parts of Sunshine States we speak Spanish. Everyone in our wonderful country must right in Eric-lish. Eric-lish is very easy to learn you basically just add Eric after every English word you write. Example: Ieric haveeric worlderic geographyeric 1steric perioderic.

Our family systems are setup very simple. All members of the family DO NOT have to live with each other. Divorce is legal after 2 years of marriage. The relationships between the parents and kids are based on the child and parent. It is there choice to choose if they want to have a wonderful or a poor relationship with there parent or child.

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