The Catholic Church

How does religion effect power structures?

Foundations of power and influence

Catholicism began to come about and was influenced by some of the early christians in Rome. At a point all the christians were being persecuted and then Constantine created the Edict of Milan allowing christians to be legal. Constantine's power allowed for early Catholicism to begin and had a big influence on the greater things to come for the Catholics.

PApacy and the Vatican power structure

The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church.  Below the Pope are Cardinals which are bishops or archbishops who are appointed by the pope.  They are next in line for becoming Pope.  Below the Cardinals are Bishops who oversee a diocese.  At the head of each church in a diocese is a Priest who has attended Catholic seminary and has been ordained.  Assisting the priest at mass is a deacon.  A deacon can do everything a priest can except say mass.  A deacon can not consecrate the Eucharist.  

Balance and maintenance of power in Europe

The Pope's role started out as a very small role but quickly grew very big with many emperors adopting Catholicism.  The Pope and the Emperor had a very close relationship with a balance of power.  The Emperor was like the law leader and the Pope was the spiritual leader.  People followed the Pope and if the Pope disagreed with a law then the people would too.  When Rome fell the Pope took a leadership role to help get the people out of the system of feudal society.

Role OF the Pope in the Catholic Church

As the Pope, his role is to ensure that the faith of the church does not waver down from the traditions set down by Jesus and his agents. The Pope is the visual and perpetual foundation of unity among the bishops and Christ's faithful.  Watch this video to learn how to become Pope.

Roles of Monks and nuns

Monks and Nuns withdraw from normal life to take on a communal life.  The goal isn't to sequester themselves from the people around them, their goal is to become more focused and grow in their relationship with God.  They were sworn to an oath of personal poverty and they set out to minister and spread the word of God to the secular World.  The two most vital orders of Monks and Nuns were the Franciscans and Dominicans.  Click the buttons below to find out more about each!

Missions/ missionaries

In the Catholic church missions are going out to spread the word of God and a missionary is someone who has been sent to go on these missions. A very famous mission is St. Paul's mission which was one of the first missions and it helped spread catholicism.

How Does religion effect power structures?


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