Historical Figure Facebook Project

"Elijah mccoy"
by neique mcfadden
Computer Science Class
Crossroads@Meade (Philadelphia, PA)

life of Elijah mccoy

My person is Elijah McCoy. A black Canadian-American inventor and engineer, who was notable for his 57 U.S. patents.Elijah McCoy was born on May 2, 1844. His parents were the McCoy's and they were slaves they escaped Kentucky to Canada. Elijah was trained engineer as a teenager in Scotland. he never find a job as an engineer so he traveled to Scotland because of racial barriers.Elijah grown up in a racism preductment and didn't seem like he made any friends.His first wife Ann Elizabeth Stewart died four years after their marriage. His second wife Mary Eleanora Delaney died in a car crash.

I choose to pick Elijah Mccoy because when i was in 7th grade i always wanted to go into engineer since theres not a lot of woman going into engreen. I love math so, why not do something that's related to math. Sometimes I feel alone but not all the time me and Elijah seem like we would have something in common with each other.