Cassanna J.


My name is Cassanna, I was born in Spokane Washington. I have moved around many times in Seattle, Lacy and Olympia back to Spokane. Im the oldest out of the two of us. My little sister is 6 years old and I live with my mom and step dad. I love to take      photos and play my violin here at school for the chamber            orchestra.                                                                            

For the start of my Spring break I went Horse back riding with Jenna for the first time.                                                          

The horses name is shorty. Shes a very stuborn horse but its also she is blind in one eye as you can see in this picture.                 So She likes to do things her way and sometimes wont listen to were you want her to go.                                                                                    

Over the weekend I went on a long hike at the Palouse Falls, with my Second family (my best friend). We woke up saturday morning and took a two hour drive to the Falls. We hiked down and around the whole falls and cliffs around it.  The best part is that I got to spend the time with my best friend Gwen who ive been friends with since i moved back to spokane in 5th grade. After heading home from the Hike, I had one small last thing to do was my little sisters bday.                                             

My best friend!

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