"Son, men don't get raped"

The situation of male victims of sexual assault in the military

It would be a lie to say that sexual aggression on women in the army is a small matter. Another lie would be to say that men are not victims of sexual aggression themselves. Finally, it would not be a lie to say that male victims of sexual aggression in the military are in as much pain as female victims

First of all, the statistics are significant. There is a larger proportion of enlisted females than males that are sexually assaulted, which means joining the army as a woman is more dangerous, but because about 86% of soldiers are males and only 14% are females, there are more males that. Victims of unwanted sexual contacts were, according to an anonymous survey made in 2012, 6.1% of enlisted women and 1.2% of enlisted men, but there were roughly 12 000 women and 14 000 men that were victims of this kind of aggression.

Not only are there more men that live the horrible experience, but it is an incredibly violent act. Enlisted men are usually very strong, and they know that. It means that for an aggression to be successful, most of the time there has to be more than one aggressor per victim.

A man’s assault can end in him lying in his own blood, with broken bones, hidden in some place so that people would not find him before he suffers a slow and painful death. Also, biologically speaking, men have a much higher tendency of suffering from physical lesions after they are raped than women.

In general, sexual assaults on males are, more often than not, not made for a sexual reason but rather to completely destroy the victims, physically and mentally. Some aggressors simply wanted to give their victim some kind of STD to completely ruin their life.

I think the absolute worst happened in the cadet military program of Canada. Boys of 13 to 17 years of age could have a military formation if they so desired. Of course, there had to be “problems” in this context too. Except we are talking about boys, children! One man was even convicted of four sexual assaults on boys from 13 to 15 years old, without ever going to jail.

Not only do we have to deal with victims that are suffering from a mental condition worse than the well-known "shell shock", but we have to deal with the fact that the aggressors do not always get reported, and even if they are reported, they are rarely punished. It would be common sense to give some kind of sanction for this horrible act. Unfortunately, for their superiors, it is common sense to simply not care about these assaults since reporting such a thing would mean that they have no control over their men, which could result in them being stripped of their position.

“Son, men don’t get raped” is what some doctor said to a victim that had hemorrhoids after being sexually assaulted. If only this doctor was right.


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