2/6/15 #SJSreports 31 Dead In Taiwan Plane Crash

On Wednesday morning, a turbo prop plane carrying 58 passengers took off from Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. After a few minutes in the air, the plane skidded against a highway and crashes into a river. One of the passengers, Huang-Jin, said to a Taiwanese news station that he noticed that something about the plane did not seen right from the start. He heard a noise next to him, thinking it was the engine. A few minutes after the pilot contacted the control tower saying, "Mayday, mayday, engine flameout." Only a few minutes later, the plane crashed into the bridge and landed in the river. 31 people have been pronounced dead, 15 were rescued with injuries, and 12 missing. More news to come about the passengers. With this tragedy happening, I predict more air travel safety    guidlines will be added to flights and training. Also, more safety charachteristics will probably be added to the process of building a plane.

Taipai is the city in which the plane took off in and where the crash took place.

This news broadcast is with Brian Williams explaining what happened in the crash and the affect it had on the passengers.

This Fox News article also explains the impact of the crash and the events that occured with the rescue. This article aslo includes comments from some of the passengers on the plane.

Taipei is the city in which the crash took place and where the AsiaAirways plane took off.

Engine Flameout was the situation or problem that the plane was having, causing it to crash.

This Wikipedia link shares information about air safety.

This Wikipedia link is about Asia Airways, the plane was apart of this company.

This Wikipedia link shares information about the Keelung River, the river in which the plane crashed in.