An animal is like Football Team

By: Jackson Martin & Max Babb

Cell Membrane: Offensive Line

The Cell Membrane compares to an offensive line because they both protect and allow what comes in and out

Cytoplasm: Field

Cytoplasm compares to the field because it is what takes up most of the space and thats where the magic happens

Nucleus: Head Coach

Nucleus compares to the head coach because it is in command of everything and tells them what to do

Mitochondria: Offensive and Defensive Coordinator

Mitochondria compares to the OFF. and DEF. because they make the plays and store them in their play book

ER: Wide Receiver

The ER compares to a wide receiver because they both transport things throughout the cytoplasm

Ribosomes: Quarterback

Ribosomes compare to a QB because they both play a crucial role in making things happen

Golgi Apparatus

Golgi Apparatus compares to the FB because they both help package things up; a fullback packages up a good block and the Golgi body packages protein

Lysosomes: Kicker

Lysosomes compare to a kicker because like the Lysosomes digest cells, a kicker kicks the ball away, getting rid of it

Peroxisomes: Kick Returner

Peroxisomes compare to a kick returner because the KR tries to destroy poisonous field position and Peroxisomes destroy peroxidase.

Flagella/Cilla: Running back

Flagella/Cilla compares to the RB because they both move their respective cells around, RB the offense and Flagella/Cilla the cell

Centrioles: Captains

Centrioles compare to captains because they both help organize things

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