Nancy Gutierrez ,4-402

dhenry hudson discover the lifee of an explorer by :trish kline

  • Did you know that Henry Hudson was born in England ,in room  441 of Blarney Meical center at  3:17 pm in Monday August 13 1593.Henry  Hudson was a really educated person.  Did you know he loved his mom and helped everyone. Became an explorer when he grew up.
  • Henry Hudson seeeking the northwest  passage                                                                          Henry Hudson even went to the Arctic  ocean in 1609.He discovered Hudson Bay in 1610. Henry Hudson also discovered  " whales bay which stared in coal mining. Henry Hudson first and second ship was named  Hopewell his third voyage was named half moon .
  • Henry Hudson also traded steels and axes for gold. He discovered  a river thinking it  was the Pacific Ocean . He even fought  the Spanish in the sea.When ever they went to  a trip they putted salt on the meat so it would not taste bad.Henry Hudson took lots of people when he hnt exploring. Henry Hudon saw a wide river thinking it was the Paciffic ocean but it was the a river of the Native Americans.