Romans Convert to Christianity

By: Zoe Thorpe

Rome- Yesterday, the Roman Emperor Constantine I, because he is a Christian convert, made one of the first changes of his rule. Now, Christianity is the official state religion of the Roman Empire.

People quickly accepted Christianity, as it was already starting to grow in popularity. Many Romans have been blaming those who don't follow Christianity for all of Romes problems that occur. According to them, God is punishing everyone for their disbelief.

¨Also,¨ one local stated during an interview, ¨Christianity is better, because who wants to go to the deep dark Underworld when they can go to Heaven? It promises a much happier afterlife.¨ Other Romans feel similarly on the issue. ¨In paganism, no matter how good you are in life, you still have to go to the same afterlife as the bad people do. With Christianity, us good, faithful people go to Heaven, and that's better than life itself!" Romans who have changed to Christianity have quickly taken to persecuting those who have not converted yet.

roman fashion

By: Zoe Thorpe

Just now emerging in Rome are multiple very chic new trends for women. "For rich citizens, makeup is all the rage!" one stylist stated excitedly. "Foundations, chalks, eyeshadows, lipstick, it's all so fun!"

Women have also taken to doing their hair up in elaborate, complicated styles that take a long time and multiple helpers to complete. "We can have so many looks. Really! My favorite is lots of curls all piled on my head. It takes my servants hours to do," stated one wealthy woman.  Some women have even tried out dying their hair red with henna or putting on blonde wigs, since blonde hair naturally is very rare in Rome.

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