(by Abby Harris)

Who Do Allergist Report To?

Allergists are usually their own boss and their nurses/workers will report to them.

What Is The Purpose Of Being An Allergist?

Allergists (also known as Immunologists), are doctors specialized in the specific are of immunology, which means that their main purpose is to identify and then treat allergic reactions and immunological disorders.

What Responsibilities Do Allergists Have?

  • Investigate and treat allergic diseases and immunological disorders in patients
  • Perform clinical tests to discover allergies
  • Record each patient's medical history
  • Order and maintain medical equipment and allergy tests.

What Qualifications Are Required To Become An Allergist?


Four years of pre-medical college, four years of medical college, and also 3 - 4 years of residency.

  • Technology Skills:
  • They have to know how to run certain medical equipment that is used to run allergy tests on patients. Allergists also are expected to be able to use Microsoft Word for documents that are used to track patient's records/medical history.
  • Abilities:
  • Allergists have the ability to run certain medical testing, work with various medical equipment, work well with all ages of men and women and children, and are able to identify and diagnose different illnesses and allergies.
    • Personal Characteristics

    Allergist have to have certain personal characteristics in order to fit well into the medical industry. To be an allergist you will have to be a problem-solver, be able to identify and diagnose various allergies, love working with all different ages of men and women and children, and like to have patients who will often help you solve their own allergy problems.  


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