phineas and ferb

                                                    Brief History   

Candace is the sister of Phineas and Ferb always call her a lying because her mother never believed in it. She has 16 year old intrusive in the lives of their brothers and tends to exaggerate things when trying to catch their brothers doing something wrong, but really just want to have fun with age-inappropriate projects. She always tries her mother discovers Phineas and Ferb doing some plan but his mother never finds out because things always do Phineas and Ferb go away one way or another.


They live in Danville, Ohio in the country of United States. The Googolplex Mall is located near the center of the city of Danville, a short bus stop from Huge-O-Records. It is the local mall Danville, being composed of many, many shops. It is a big city where you Phineas and Ferb make their projects. This city has many tourist attractions which phineas and ferb fun.


Their food for them was the normal sandwich, chips, fruit ate them all as they seem to be normal kids.

                                           Relationship to family

The relationship with the family is not normal and that Candace is the gossip and do not get along with her but is a good family and very funny.

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