Social Media History

"Were It All Began"

Tremel Davis

Well social media didn't use to be the simple phenomenal that it is today. It came from the simple thought internet what are you talking about there's no such thing as internet. So the first thing it was able to do was online email. Like AOL and BBS and soon to CompuServe. At first it was just a business type of computer were if you had a business you owned a computer. Then it evolved in to something much more. CompuServe was a program that allowed you to access, share files, access news and events. It was basically a chat room. You would find a topic that you found suitable and or of you interest and basically chat with other people online about it. This was very popular on the internet for quite some time.

We get to AOL now. It was actually maybe even the internet before it was remotely even close to the internet. I mean you could send continuous messages to your friends and family or business sorts by just having a profile. It was maybe the most fascinating, smart thinking the world has ever seen. Then that’s when the internet soon to start to be the next big thing. By the mid 1900’s a couple of different social media sites started to occur more. Yahoo had just opened up to be one of the most largest email account sites, Amazon had just set up and started to give people who like books the option to read them online. Everyone soon had to have a PC. People who had already graduated high school and colleges wanted to be able to talk to their long friends on the internet and soon a new program arose for this to be a main purpose.

Sites started to boost the more internet use in the world. First founded in 1997 to founded in 1999 to founded in 2000. Then the more people visited these sites and it was soon over 3 million people. In 2002, social networking hit a career high with the new social media site Friendster. Then other stuff occurred like LinkedIn, MySpace, and then a program that was going to be used only by Harvard users but ended up having a big success on the population then and even today was Facebook. Soon Facebook ruled the web when it broke out with its like button. Soon the like button started to appear on other sites that had nothing to do with Facebook. But we’ll all knew where it started at. That’s the origins of social media.

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