This is my twin sister Taylor and I after the color run we did last summer!

About Me

I love to swim. I swim for the high school and for the summer swim team. My best stroke is breaststroke i am 3 seconds away from districts right now for breaststroke. I have swam since i was a baby this will be my 7th summer swimming.  

I love to take pictures. I entered two photos last year and they both won honorable mention. I love taking landscape pictures most.

I love Ice skating its one of my favorite thins to do. I use to figure skate when i was little but i stopped and just this year started going again. I do not do it professionally.

My Goals

One of my main goals is to travel to Pairs. I have always wanted to see the EIFFEL TOWER and just be there at night to watch the fireworks.

I would love to go to the Bahamas and go swimming in the ocean and just stay there for a while and to go cliff divining while i was there.

My last goal is a little harder to achieve but id like to make a mark in the world to do something big that would help many and solve or fix something.

A Place I would like to Travel

For me its not just a place i would like to travel the world see and do as much as i can before i die

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