Mermaids / Aquatic Ape Theory

Amber Roach  

The Aquatic Ape Theory makes it possible to believe that we evolved from apes and humans, our aquatic relatives turned into something strangely similar to the mermaid. As evidence that humans once evolved into aquatic creatures.

As is usually the case with other so-called “proofs” of evolution, the strongest “evidence” is found in the artwork.

Mermaids advanced an idea known as the “aquatic ape hypothesis” , called the “aquatic ape theory”. First proposed by a German pathologist in 1942, the idea has been met much in the scientific community, Supported by tons of people. This view claims that our ancestors went through a water stage in our evolutionary development where, “our ability to walk fully upright first evolved, where food was easily found.” Our supposed ape-like ancestors started living near the oceans, and “this is where our intelligence began to develop” thanks to the “brain-building nutrients” like iodine and fatty acids so abundant in the shellfish gathered there. Due to earthquakes and volcanic activity along the coasts, “some of our ancestors pulled back, heading inland, others did not . Possibly our distant ancestors spent time living in the sea.

  • “We can control our breathing at will, like marine mammals. And we can hold our breath longer than any other terrestrial animal.”1 The current world record is held by free-diver Peter Colat who recently held his breath underwater for 19 minutes, 21 seconds. (humans can hold breath up to 20 minutes, longer than any other terrestrial animal) Human babies instinctively hold their breath when immersed in water.”
  • “Unlike nearly every other land animal, we are practically hairless; hair creates drag in water.
  • “And just like other marine mammals, we are born with Subcutaneous insulating fat distributed throughout our bodies. This keeps us warm in water.”
  • Instinctive ability to swim (human babies are able to do this)
  • A highly developed brain, which depends on nutrients provided by seafood , like shrimp , tuna , shellfish , and other foods.

Mermaids may or may not be real or not still remains a mystery but will always be a great theory.

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