Welcome to Rwanda

Merek M

Rwanda has mostly tall mountains and deep valleys. It is slightly smaller than Maryland. It also has 11,689,696 people.

Life Styles

Women wear a t-shirt, skirt and a head covering to protect themselves from the suns rays while they are working at home. Men wear boubou which are adopted African outfits. They also eat meat, vegetables and fruit for their daily vitamins and protien.

Holiday traditions and activities

On New Years young people go to movies and concerts. They also get new clothes or renovate their homes. Right before Christmas families decorate their homes with flowers.

Government and Country Background

Belgium took them into WWI and were received as a league of nations. It is in the great lakes region named for lakes. In the 1400's they shared common religions and languages.


They speak three major languages, Kinyarwanda, English and French. They use the same language as Americans, they also use the same alphabet except for q and x. They also all speak Kinyarwanda.

Religion and Beliefs

57% of Rwandans are Catholic. Churches run schools and hospitals. Five percent are muslims. Christianity was introduced in the early 20'th century and in was brought by European missionaries.

Education and School

Their adult literacy is 71.1% and the middle amount of schooling years are 3.3. Most families sell cattle or land to pay for their children to go to school. Primary school is free and secondary school starts at age thirteen and lasts six years.

Tourists Interests

Children usually have to make their own toys. If they have to go short distances they usually hitchhike or ride bikes. Their most famous sport is soccer and they usually listen to their favorite team on the radio.

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