By: Addison Minor

A soccer ball in flames


Do you want to read something cool? Or jump into a pool? So read this book and take a look!So jump on in,the fun will begin. So stop and mark your book in place and go outside and run a race. This book will blow your mine and see all of the hard words you can find. Do you like rhyming words or in the morning listen to birds. So hop on in and let the fun begin! Black and white any color soccer ball you can only play in spring or fall.

Soccer's Popularity

  1. Soccer is maybe the worlds most popular sport. Soccer developed very quickly in England, and by 1888 the first professional league had been created. Competitive soccer is played on every level-from a junior team of 6 year olds through high school and college. Also it is played at clubs, professional and national teams. However in the United States, soccer's popularity began to grow tremendously in the late 1960's as many more schools and colleges started to play the game.

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