Ca we transport our atmosphere to other planets in our solar system

Part of our atmosphere moves with the rotation of the Earth. The lower parts of our atmosphere move because its exposed to the rotation of the earth. The upper atmosphere does not move because it is not exposed to the ground.

But first we would need a good climate to live in

Average high                  average low

Venus                             860 F                    since so close to the sun there's no low

Moon                             253                                                   -243 F

Mars                               86 F                                                 -284 F

Those are the surrounding planets average high and lows

If we wanted to live on mars we would have PROBLEMS because it has a little atmosphere and its full Of CO2

  • Carbon dioxide 95.32%
  • Nitrogen 2.7%
  • Argon 1.6%
  • Oxygen 0.13%
  • Carbon monoxide 0.07%
  • Water vapor 0.03%
  • Nitric oxide .0013%
  • What plant would we need to get rid of the CO2?

    Since Venus is way to hot it is not livable

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