Should We Be a Nuclear Free Country?

By: Jorge Luis Carmona Jr.

Is it possible for nation leaders to negotiate and come to an agreement without even thinking about using nuclear weapons to persuade each other? Presidents Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy believed it could happen. In September 2009, President Barak Obama proposed to the US Security Council to make the United States and the rest of the world nuclear weapon free (Miller, 2015).

There are nine countries that have complete or parts of nuclear weapons. These countries include the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. If all of these countries agree to destroy their nuclear weapons then President Obama’s mission would be a success. However, there are countries like Iran and North Korea that continue to research and build nuclear weapons (Miller, 2015). Venezuela is another country that would like to start building their own nuclear weapons. Therefore, the President’s plan is currently not working due to Iran’s and North Korea’s decision to continue making nuclear weapons.

If the United States decides to lead other countries into destroying their nuclear weapons, then the world would be a step closer to become a nuclear free world. However, the country will also be vulnerable to be attacked. There are countries that will take advantage of that. The effects of nuclear weapons are implacable. Many lives will be automatically destroyed and suffering will continue for many years after the explosion. No country wants to take that chance.

In conclusion, the United States should not eliminate their nuclear weapons. Some countries might agree to destroy their weapons, but who can assure that they will. The United States is one of the most dominant countries, but it does has many enemies that would like to see it destroyed. The United States has had many terrorists attacks in the past and being without nuclear weapons would make the country defenseless.

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Nice, I would have like to see the blast radius picture for El Paso so we could see how one would affect us?