The problem with MO, Zoos

Animals Die Because of Zoos

What Is The Problem with Zoos in MO


The problem with zoos is that many different animals die because of zoos. Why, you might ask . . . because, how do you feed animals to other animals if they run out of food? How do they keep animals? Zoos don't! The problem is that zoos kill animals for food to another animals that may be more interesting! The problem is us and zoo keepers! Animals get bored over the same old thing they do everyday that we don't get to see everyday! Sick of the same old shows and the little wild life we give them for shelter!

Discover Problem and Solution

A lion likes meet, the zoos run out of meet, how do they feed it? They would take a animal that has meet in it and feed it to the hungry animal. Zoos think that is a nice problem and solution! NO:( They are forgetting about the killed animal! Like I said in the first paragraph: Zoos kill other animals for food that may be more interesting than the other! We know the problem... now what is the solution. The solution that I think of is in the next paragraph.

Dream World

   One solution that could work for both animals are to not have as many zoos! Their are around 10-30 zoos in each state. Another thing that could work if the first one doesn't work is to use every single part of the animal. Not just the back or stomach. Every single part. Maybe not the heart or soul but every thing else. My dream world is that no animal is getting killed at a ZOO! Either because they need food or have to many!


To plan out how I want to solve the problem is to talk to a zoo manager and talk about how and why they killed the animal( Giraffe). #2 Is, every time a zoo has too many of one animal, instead of killing it, give it to another zoo. #3 Is, every time a habitat gets ruined, zoos will be fined. #4 Is, when all zoos in MO have enough animals in every kind, they will donate the animals to different states. #5 Is, there will never be a zoo in the U.S. or in the world to have all the animals in every kind, so there will be no reason to kill animals. Also, one kind of animal extincts every day. Then we could turn out to have a better world about zoos.^


Our problem with zoos is that they are killing animals either they don't want them,^ need them, or don't have enough food. To fix it we could follow those rules above!^ Now look at the video below. . . If we follow the rules then that will not happen. The video shows what zoo keepers/ us are doing to these animals. The second picture is what will happen if zoo keepers/us should look like if we follow the rules.

This is what will happen when we take care of our animals!

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